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Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for the notice on this. I had thought one of our staff took care of this last Dec but apparently not. Thanks!  
J. Kring
Orlando, FL

Thanks again for your outstanding service!  
J. Aguayo
JMA Enterprises
Marina Del Rey, CA

Thank you for providing me with a good representative to help me with securing the information that I need. She is helpful and personable and I receive what I need from her when she says that I am going to have it. Thanks again.  
M. Oberer
TMHC Services, Inc.
Topeka, KS

Rachel Pennington is an incredible person I'm sure you consdier her a valued employee. Just fantastic in her professionalism and attention to detail. It is always a pleasure to work with her. Thanks.  
J. Anast
Hackettstown, NJ

Just a quick note to say that Gayle is always helpful, timely and professional whenever I have cause to contact your company. The service I have received from her has been first-class and I believe that she deserves praise for her work.  
S. Varma
AW Solutions, Inc.
Longwood, FL

I just wanted to thank you for your help. You have been AWESOME!  
J. Huynh
Garden Grove, CA

Soudaly is always very polite, very helpful. Whatever I ask for, she gets it done; great at producing results. I almost don't want to work with anyone else!  
J. Giles
The Alistaire Corporation
Sunnyside, NY

Thank you -- you are a champ!  
C. Boscher
Lakewood, CO

[Stacy] is super helpful!  
N. Wheeler
NA Nationwide Mortgage
Mission Viejo, CA

Thank you once again. Your updates aid in keeping all on track! I could not say enough about your account executive Heather Patrick. Thank You!  
R. Adversalo
RA Inc.
Elk Grove, CA

I just had the pleasure of speaking with Heather Patrick. My organization has been using InCorp for approximately one year and found everyone we have worked with to be professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. I just wanted to pass along to you that Heather Patrick, who has been in charge of our account for the last few months, to be of exceptional help. There is no question of my she cannot answer, she goes to lengths to make sure that my organization has everything we need and is always so pleasantly cheerful (which I deeply appreciate). Coupled with your fantastic online support, the type of customer service InCorp offers is simply unmatched. I cannot imagine why anyone would seek out a different service from yours.  
B. Hampton
Falls Church, VA

Heather has been awesome helping me get my LLC started the last few days. I will recommend your service to anyone I know who can use it!  
P. Hauck
Doylestown, PA

Great job !!! Very helpful.  
W. Swan
Palmdale, CA

Thank you Soudaly. You and your company are user friendly and I appreciate the flexibility.  
J. Geiser
Bay Bridge Aviation, LLC
Pikeville, NC

Andrew is an professional that goes the extra mile. / Chris is so very helpful. Thank you all!  
B. Weidenbach
Glo Bees LLC.
Palmdale, CA

After months of dealing with another agency I found InCorp. I had 15 minutes to get a package out and needed a registered agent. In my panic I called instead of setting up an account. Chris stayed with me, set up the account, got the information I needed and then stayed on the line to answer questions. He has always been a great help. My account represenative is Claudia who has helped with some unusual request in our need to expedite paperwork. If their service keeps going as well as they started out we have indeed found a company with the best customer service for these type of transactions that is out there. So far we have 8 different entities, more to go and not one problem since we switched to InCorp. Much further down the road we are now at about 30 entities and still happy with InCorp. Rachel Pennington is our account rep now and doing a fabulous job in keeping up with us. I utilize much more of the site now that I'm familar with it. I manage my annual reports, find forms and make changes with the information they have provided me. How much service do they need to give me for $99.00 a year per entity? I don't know but it just keeps getting better.  
J. Leoni
Grand Blanc, MI

I want to thank the person who answered the phone at your 800 number for being so helpful with getting my LLC back on track. The current registered agent did not pay the taxes last year and so we find ourselves with a dissolved corporation. InCorp definitely got my business because of this great service I received by phone and I forgot his name!! I know he was in LV and working at 5PM on Friday Jan 11. Thanks very much for the great service.  
K. Kelly
Crystal Bay, NV

EMS is a pretty cool system!  
W. Hulme

InCorp provided services for me to start my LLC. They were fast and on time. Now I will be able to run my business with my new entity! If it wasn't for InCorp I not have been able to afford to incorporate as quickly. Everyone else wanted more money and took longer to provide services. I am very pleased!  
C. Mason
Chicago, IL

I am a new user of your services and am very pleased with Rachel's prompt and professional communication. I am also impressed with your entity management system web site. I am a CPA and have been in practice for going on thirty years.  
J. Hickey
Vero Beach, FL

Heather Patrick has done a great job for me in a very excellent professional way by forming Lunion Pacific Inc for me. In fact I am so very pleased with her services that i want her to call me to see if it is possible to register me in the state of Floida as a foreign corporation.  
E. Lunion
Gainesville, FL

Mr. Lockhart was very professional, gave me all the information i needed.  

Rachel was very curtiious and helpful.  
R. Baker
Orlando, FL

Fantastic personality. Compared to the personnel I am used to and located in Miami, FL, Ms. Wibiral is polite, courteous and exhibits nothing but true American professionalism. Thank you for hiring such great support.  
T. Stengel
Wellington, FL

Thank you for providing this so quickly… …You made this very easy.  
D. Peterson
Chandler, AZ
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