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$99 per year with rates as low as $67/year with multiyear service!

The state of Nevada requires LLCs and corporations filed in Nevada to have a Registered Agent. Nevada Registered Agents are a person or company, designated on public record to accept legal documents (service of process) and notifications from the Nevada Secretary of State’s office on behalf of the corporate entity. There are few restrictions regarding who can be listed as a Registered Agent, the most important being that the Registered Agent must be located and available at a physical street address, within the state of Nevada, during normal business hours. Nevada recognizes Commercial Registered Agents and provides a list of those Registered Agents that have met the necessary criteria.

Your Nevada Registered Agent will be responsible, on your behalf, to receive all government notifications sent to Registered Agents, annual filing notices, and litigation (service of process) documents. In Nevada, we are able to provide additional services like mail forwarding, officers’ address, and virtual office.

Appointing InCorp Services, Inc. as your Registered Agent:

  • Nevada does not require original signatures.
  • Formation documents can be filed online. The state will require that you create an account in order to file online.
  • Nevada offers a few expedite filing options from same 24 hours to 1 hour.
  • The Registered Agent change filing fee is $60.

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Corporate Compliance

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It is important that you select a reliable company, such as InCorp, The Premier Registered Agent Service™ when choosing your registered agent.

InCorp will also electronically track the due dates for your filings so you can avoid paying any late fees to the state! And you will be given a direct line to ONE time-zone assigned service representative handling ALL of your entities in every state in which you maintain business entities. And, InCorp can provide National Registered Agent Services in all 50 US states.

Why choose InCorp for your Nevada Registered Agent Service?
Created in 1998, we now have over 165,000 worldwide clients and are BBB rated A+.
We will beat any competitor's price on registered agent service and offer incredible discounts on multiyear and multistate registered agent services.
Through EntityWatch®, the innovative and proprietary technology developed first by InCorp, our information system ties into most of the state databases to give you up-to-date information on the status of your entities including the filing status, the current registered agent, officers and directors. EntityWatch® also advises you of changes to same to help prevent corporate identity theft.

Benefits of InCorp’s Nevada Registered Agent Service

As your registered agent in Nevada, InCorp does more than act as a mailbox for legal and tax purposes. We shield your company’s private information, help you stay compliant with state and federal business guidelines, offer secondary document organization and storage just in case, and we can go with your business to a national stage. How many other Nevada registered agent services can do all that for the same low price we offer?

Information Shielding and Protection

One of the major benefits of naming InCorp as your registered agent is the protection of your company’s information. Each state’s Secretary of State office maintains a database of all the information of each company incorporated in the state. These databases, which can be made publicly available, record names and contact information as well as filing status, current registered agents, compliance due dates, and more.

As your Nevada registered agent, InCorp can shield your private information from the public sector by replacing your contact information with ours. That way, any and all legal and tax documents are sure to come to us, and we can protect your information from lawyers and theft. As an added bonus, we can also dispose of all your junk mail for you.

Managed Reports Service

The most important reason for getting a registered agent in the first place is the management of your compliance documents and due dates. Making sure your corporation or LLC is fully compliant with all of your state’s business laws, not to mention the federal government’s laws and tax guidelines, can be a lot of work. If your business is growing and expanding, the work of maintaining compliance grows to match.

That’s why InCorp, as your registered agent Nevada service, uses EntityWatch to monitor your filing status and other pertinent information in the Secretary of State databases. Our proprietary technology tracks due dates for all your compliance documents and filings and sends you reminders of them to help you stay on top of things. We are familiar with just about every filing your business could ever receive and know exactly what to do with each one, so you never have to worry.

Document Organization

As the premier Nevada registered agent service, InCorp keeps a copy of all your most important documents, including your Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, state reports, and more. Storing extra copies of these important business documents helps us support your growing business and ensures you have access to them when you need them most or in case of emergencies. Our document storage and organization is a life-saving benefit of our registered agent Nevada service when your business in booming, because we keep track of all the important paperwork for you.

Simply upload your corporate documents and filings to our secure server. Then you can view and download a copy of them whenever and wherever you need to.

Nationally Recognized

When you name InCorp as your registered agent, Nevada and every other state in the country instantly recognizes us and already knows how to work with us. That’s because we are one of the top 4 national registered agent services in the country. We have offices in every state and in D.C., so no matter where you’re starting your business, or which states you’re expanding into, we have you covered.

The best thing about using InCorp as your registered agent for every state is that it makes all the paperwork easier and lowers costs. We manage all your paperwork for you and help you stay on track for compliance in each state in which you do business, so you don’t have to struggle to keep everything straight. And you only get one bill instead of a separate bill from different registered agents in each state. With us as your Nevada registered agent service, you save time and money.

How Our Registered Agent Nevada Service Can Help You

As your registered agent in Nevada and any other state you operate in, we strive to make it easier for you to run and grow your business without worrying too much about paperwork, legal communications, and other mind-numbing tasks. Everything we do is designed to help you make your business better.

We Monitor Your Important Information

You don’t want to have to constantly make sure the states you do business in have the right information about your business. You just want to do business. While you’re helping your customers, let us make sure everybody has the right information. With our exclusive EntityWatch technology, we monitor your company’s:

  • filing status
  • current registered agent
  • compliance due dates
  • compliance filings and documents
  • officers and directors
  • and more!
We Remind You of Upcoming Due Dates

In addition to tracking all that information, we also remind you of everything you need to do in every state to remain compliant with all business laws and best practices. We’ll send you email reminders about the upcoming due dates in each state and what you need to do to maintain your compliance, as well as any tips or help we can offer to make the process easier.

We Handle Legal and Tax Communications

No business owner wants to be served with lawsuit papers in front of customers or employees, and you probably don’t want to deal with tax and other legal communications in your everday operations. As your Nevada registered agent, we can handle all of that for you. You get the freedom to manage your business without the hassle, and we’ve got your back should any legal or tax communications come your way.

We Save You Money

In the world of competitive business, you have plenty of expenses to worry about. Paying your registered agent Nevada service or owing late fees to the state shouldn’t be on the list of financial worries. That’s why we offer one low price for our Nevada registered agent services, and why we will beat any competitor’s price. And by sending you regularly reminders and helping you file your compliance documents on time, we help you avoid paying late fees, too.

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