Registered Agent Company Comparisons: InCorp Services

Company Comparisons

Service Company

Annual Fee for Agent Service Free Online Access
to Filed Documents
Automatic Notification of Filing Status Change Comments

InCorp $99 Yes Yes Great Company! Personalized Service, Superior Technology, Great people! Best Prices!
Paracorp/Parasec $125 No No Personal service.
National Registered Agents, Inc. (NRAI) $159 No No Great Technology, Good Company.
LegalZoom $159 No No Good Technology, Diverse range of Services.
CT $275 No No Good Technology, Big Company, Impersonal, Expensive.
Corporation Service Company (CSC) Must call for quote No No Probably the best technology of all the other guys. Impersonal.

We take great pride in our superior registered agent / resident agent services. If you are considering using us as your agent, please call with any questions.

Questions about our registered agent services? Call us today at 800.2.InCorp (800-246-2677) for a free consultation.