InCorp Client Testimonials

What InCorp Clients are Saying!

"I want to tell you that I did my research of registered agents on the net and you are not only the most competitively priced, you are by far the nicest, most helpful, personable and enthusiastic people I have talked to. If there’s a way to reflect that on Google, I have no doubt you’d be number 1 on the search. I’d like to refer you to some people."
- A. Lazzarini (Farallon Corporation)
Greenbrae, CA

"Heather has been a great rep and super helpful on all our stuff! Rachel was terrific -- had all the answers and helped me immediately. Incorp's customer service is unparalleled."
- M. Polaner (General Counsel) | New York, NY

"Thank you!!!! Heather is an asset to the company!"
- L. Riems | Pittsburgh, PA

"You are the best!"
- R. Kneen | Minnetonka, MN

"I just wanted you to know that I appreciated Matt's email follow-ups to make sure payment was sent. As you know, having a registered agent is a legal requirement and so this is not a service I can do without for the state of Washington."
- C. Watkins | Milwaukie, OR

"I have been dealing with and she couldn't have been nicer. A real pleasure to deal with. I have contacted her on a few occasions with a few questions and the response was always quick and curtious, and the turn times were very fast for documents needed. All around a wonderful experience."
- D. Lettiere | Coram, NY

"Heather is absolutely spectacular and you should reward her financially!"
- J. Castodio | Pawcatuck, CT

"Heather has done a great job for me in a very excellent professional way by forming Lunion Pacific Inc for me. In fact I am so very pleased with her services that i want her to call me to see if it is possible to register me in the state of Floida as a foreign corporation."
- E. Lunion | Gainesville, FL

"North American Roofing is one the largest commercial roofing contractors in the country. We recently had a change of ownership and entity change; which required re-registering in every state, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Due to the magnitude of the process, North American Roofing chose Incorp as their Registered Agent. Incorp’s customer service far exceeded expectations. Without partnering with Incorp, the process would not have been seamless and manageable."
- P. Brin (North American Roofing Services, LLC) | Tampa, FL

"Heather is the best rep I have had with your company! Seriously, a pleasure to work with and just wanted to let you know that."
- K. Munoz | Charlottesville, VA

"Soudaly is doing an excellent job on handling our account. She is prompt, energetic, and filled with information. We truly appreciate having someone like Soudaly on our side. Cheers!"
- B. Craft | Ferndale, MI

"Hi. I feel so lucky to have found InCorp to handle all my corporation duties. And it is a pleasure to have you, Heather, handling my account. Always responsible and a partner I can count on."
- E. Semmel | New York, NY

"Ian has been providing superior assistance in the incorporation process of Goldsphere Corporation. I would highly recommend InCorp to anyone who would like to incorporate in Nevada."
- R. Panganiban | Moreno Valley, CA

"I have used Incorp for about three years. They have always been very courteous and professional. Their prices are reasonable. I trust them to get the job done. My new Account Exec. Alex is a great guy. I highly recoomend them to anyone who needs Registered Agent services."
- N. Nazzaro | Arlington, VA

"Heather is doing great work. Very professional. Thank you for your service."
- K. Marczak (UNISystems Research Inc.)
East Rutherford, NJ

"Katie is very helpful. Good Work! ...Love your system - whatever software you guys have is very convenient and has been made keeping in mind what the consumer wants."
- S. Sarkar | New York, NY

"InCorp Services was outstanding, professional and fast at all services requested. I am really impressed with the outstanding service of InCorp Services Inc. and specifically Cindy. I would recommend her and the company based on the outstanding customer service WWVI experienced."
Scottsdale, AZ

"Cecilia and everyone else at InCorp has shown true professionalism when dealing. They have gone above and beyond to help out. I appreciate all of their due diligence."
- S. Torrence (Software Engineering Services)
Bellevue, NE

"Thank you! I couldn't believe how easy and smooth your system worked. It's a pleasure! I will soon be making additional agent changes to your firm. Heather does a wonderful job! Thank you for such good service."
- D. Ward | Huntington Beach, CA

"Lanakila is a pleasure to do business with. His level of customer service is far superior to your competition."
- R. Ritch | Knoxville, TN

"Wow Lori! I'd have to say that this is the BEST measure of warm wishes that I've ever received. You a truly a jewel, and InCorp is lucky to have you! Please pardon my delay in getting back to you, but I was traveling. I would call you personally to say thank you for all that you've done to make this process smooth and successful, but it's almost 11pm at the moment. But rest assured, you have THOROUGHLY met your goal of satisfying your customers because this is world-class attention. I almost want to form another LLC and use InCorp again as a way of repaying my debt of gratitude. Keep up your level of enthusiasm, warmth and professionalism, and you'll be running the company in a few weeks. And feel free to place a copy of this message in your personnel file. You're simply the best Lori! Thanks again for everything."
- J. Davis | Lakewood, CA

"Rachel, thanks so much for your hard work and overall kindness in taking care of everything for me. You are very much a star when it comes to client care."
- E. Ngwasiri | Reading, BERKSHIRE

"Heather - TOP SERVICE! Best follow up! It was a pleasure doing business with your company! Keep up the good work!"
- M. Zecevic (Mina Mar Group, Inc.)
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I appreciate [Laura's] help. Great first impression."
- A. Simmons (ARS Worldwide Entertainment)
Plano, TX