InCorp Referral Program

InCorp Referral Program

InCorp has the most lucrative referral partner program in the industry! Many of our clients actually make a very nice living from our program alone as it provides a great and easy source of recurring income for you or your company.

With InCorp's referral program, we give you 20% of the net of every sale to any client you refer to our office. We commission on every product we sell from registered agent service to new entity formations to corporate kits. While our competitors commission you only on the first sale, InCorp continues to pay you for registered agent service renewals as well as other services that the client purchases for a full five years! With our account panel, tracking your commissions is easy!

For example: Let's say that we have negotiated a special registered agent service rate of $89 for your clients. If you refer just 5 units a month at $89, that is $449 a month gross of which you would get approximately $80.82. This over a year the first year is $969.84. The next year, statistically 20% of these clients will not renew. That still leaves you with $775.87 the second year PLUS the new revenue from that year for a total of $1745.71, in subsequent years you would make $2,366 in year 3, $2,862 in year 4, and finally $3260.19 in year 5! Then even if you stopped there, you would still have four more years of income and this is assuming that none of these clients buy anything else (and most do end up purchasing more!)

For referral partners with volume, we offer various coupon solutions to offer your customers with special pricing and tracking as well as negotiable commission rates.

If you have any questions about our referral program, contact us, or call us at 800.2.INCORP (800-246-2677).