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Certified Copies of Your Corporation's Formation Documents

InCorp can provide you with Certified Copies of your required documents, quickly and online!

Corporations sometimes find themselves in the position that they need to get certified copies of their original incorporation or qualification documents. Further, if the corporation decides to foreign qualify in another state, that state usually requires certified copies of the documents. These duplicate copies are certified as a “true copy”. Certified copies are official state-issued certificates.

The most common Certified Document is "Certified Copies of Articles of Incorporation and All Amendments Thereto."

There are a number of situations which you may find the need for certified copies including when you:

  • Open a bank account.
  • Foreign Qualify your corporation (required by Secretary of State).
  • Need to replace lost copies.
  • By a lender when applying for a business loan.
  • To renew business licenses.
  • Potential investors.
  • If you are selling the business.

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