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InCorp is the industry leader in providing world-class, cutting-edge, and cost-effective services to help create your brand-new Corporation, Limited Partnership (LP), or any other form of legally recognized business structure. We assist in the formation of companies in all 50 of the United States, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What is an LP?

An Limited Partnership or "LP" is a specific type of business that integrates various beneficial aspects of corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships into simple, consolidated, and flexible business structure that is used and favored by many small business owners.

Limited Partnerships are an entity where one or more “general” partners manage the business while "limited" partners contribute capital and share in the profits but take no part in running the business. General partners remain personally liable for partnership debts while limited partners incur no liability with respect to partnership obligations beyond their capital contributions. The purpose of this form of business is to encourage investors to invest without risking more than the capital they have contributed. If a limited partner participates in the management of company affairs he/she can be held personally liable, so it is important to maintain that distance and separation if you form a limited partnership.

The best way to use a limited partnership is to form an LLC or Corporation to be the general partner of your partnership. This limits any exposure to the LLC or Corporation and there is no personal exposure as long as the entities are maintained properly.

REMEMBER: Although the protection afforded through the use of limited partnerships is primarily a result of statutory law, a properly drafted partnership agreement combined with other sophisticated planning techniques can significantly strengthen that protection. Limited Partnerships also generally require a registered agent which InCorp can provide. Contact InCorp if you would like assistance in drafting your partnership agreement.

Why choose InCorp Services to form your LP?

  • Help Prevent Corporate Identity Theft

    EntityWatch® advises you of changes to help prevent corporate identity theft. Through EntityWatch®, the innovative and proprietary technology developed first by InCorp, our information system ties into most of the state databases to give you up-to-date information on the status of your entities including the filing status, the current registered agent, officers, and directors.

  • Consolidate Expenses

    For multi-state companies, you will receive a consolidated bill for all your business entities in every state hosted.

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"I have used InCorp for approximately 5 years. I can always get to a live person and get my questions answered quickly when I call. They're billing methods are easy and automated."

Travis K.

  • Save Money

    For over 20 years we have provided top-tier service with one of the lowest prices in the industry and have only raised our prices one time (while many of our competitors raise their prices on their long-term clients yearly!) We have competitive fees to Form your LP and to serve as your registered agent is only $129 per state per year! And you can save even more when you choose multi-year registered agent service.

  • Fast Support and Service

    Over-the-counter expedited business document filing service are available for most states. Receive notification of all service of process forms in real-time and receive said service of process within 24-hours of receipt via Express Mail, facsimile, or email.

  • File Correctly With Expert Assistance

    By selecting InCorp, you are given the option to file online using our safe and secure ordering system, or you can employ our professional business specialists' experience, knowledge, and dedication in meeting the needs of your incorporation process. Our selection of choices, expansive territory in which we provide service, innovative technology, and enthusiasm in generating high levels of customer satisfaction is what sets InCorp apart in making us the preferred choice across the nation in providing incorporation and registered agent services!

  • Registered Agent Service Nationwide

    Limited Partnerships, Corporations, and other business entities are generally required by law to have a registered agent within the state in order to be in compliance. Take the initiative today to establish the legal protections the law allows for you and your business!

Still unsure whether to choose an LP for your business?

Regardless of the business structure, it needs to be selected for the right reasons. Let us help you establish which one is the best choice for you!

When starting the journey of creating a new business, it is vital to understand the options surrounding incorporation. By selecting InCorp, you can place your trust in our dedicated business specialists and know that they are here to help you through the complete process of incorporating your business. We will ensure that you are provided with a thorough understanding of how your business structure can benefit you. Also, we will ensure that we can beat any competitor's price* for incorporation, formation, and all other business products or services we provide to our clients.

Read our Why Should I Incorporate page or Compare Entity Types page for more information.

InCorp will beat any competitor's price* on any product or service!

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