Corporate Credit Building


Did you know that business to business credit is the largest lending market in the world? Did you also know that the corporate credit bureaus frequently put companies on the dreaded high risk list with no recourse for the company? It happens all the time! And unlike in the personal credit realm, there are no laws protecting companies from the business credit bureaus. It is a tricky industry to maneuver through, and InCorp is here to ASSIST and ACCELERATE the deal. Through our relationship with The Mack Group, We’ve taken the typically 2-4 YEAR process of building corporate credit and condensed it into a safe, ethical 4-6 MONTH process. As part of being a full service registered agent company, InCorp provides a fantastic corporate credit building program, complete with an Online Business Center that will impress and amaze you. It is a patent pending program, and has been recognized by the IRS and safe and effective.

The Business Credit Builder Program is a year long program to assist business owners in entering the single largest lending market in the world � “Trade Credit”. One of the goals of our Patent-Pending program is to separate the business owner’s personal credit from their business credit, and build a business credit profile and score that a Fortune 500 company would be proud of. You will get unlimited access on a toll free 800 number to your personal corporate credit coach, who will walk you through the maze of corporate credit and help your company get the things it needs to survive and thrive. You will also get access to our deluxe interactive corporate credit building website, where you and your coach will work through the 28 steps necessary to build your corporate credit right THE FIRST TIME.


After joining the program you will receive an introduction and welcome call from your coach to walk you through the initial steps. You will have immediate access to our Online Business Center, where you will find all sorts of comprehensive information relating to the success of your business. We can’t stress enough how functional and helpful this site will be for you and your business. You will find a complete step by step explanation of How to Build Business Credit, our vendor database, where there are literally thousands of businesses granting business credit, many without a personal guarantee or use of your social security number, and access to over 20 online and tele-seminars. There is also a description of each Business Credit Bureau and their requirements, and tons of free business software, tools, web sites, and more.

Your corporate credit coach will review your business plan and financial statements, assisting and advising every step of the way. They will complete research on your entity to verify local, state, and federal regulations have been met. They will help register you with the Business Credit Bureaus and perform the due diligence on your business to determine that all compliance standards of the credit market are in place.

You will also receive our Business Success Series Kit by mail which includes audio CDs on “The Best Business Entities”, “Where to Find Business Credit”, “Business Credit”, and computer CD’s on obtaining a business loan and corporate manager software. There are all sorts of goodies that go along with the Business Credit Builder Program to ensure your success and satisfaction in this vital area of operating a profitable company.

Building corporate credit greatly increases your ability to succeed in the long term, and doing it right the first time is as important as having a great idea or product to market. Using our registered agent services and our business credit program, we can help you avoid the dread High Risk category, and accelerate your corporate credit building process.

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