Useful Ways to Use Zoom in a Small Business

Useful Ways to Use Zoom in a Small Business

Zoom is a video communication platform that enables people to conduct online video and audio meetings and host webinars. It has a number of useful features, such as live chat, integrating third-party apps, and screen-sharing. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent rise of remote work, Zoom has exploded in popularity. While we are beginning to start moving forward from the pandemic, Zoom does not appear to be going away anytime soon. The worlds of business and work seem to have been forever changed as the benefits of remote work and meetings have been realized.

Zoom allows businesses and staff to meet more easily as they can attend meetings from anywhere, as long as they have a computer and an internet connection. This cuts down on unnecessary commutes and allows groups to meet more frequently as a result. This can empower companies to increase group communications, address concerns more readily, and enhance productivity. There is a multitude of ways that small businesses can creatively use Zoom to help advance their business, which we will cover in this article.

The following list is some of the most useful ways small businesses can use Zoom:

  • Team Meetings

    Small businesses can use Zoom to host interactive meetings with employees, board members, clients, and investors. Slide show presentations can be shown on Zoom, as well as videos. Through the use of the screen-sharing feature, users can share their screen with other users to display something on their computer with the group. A live chat feature can also be used in and out of meetings, which can be a valuable tool for users to hold side conversations during the meeting. Breakout groups can also be formed as a way to create smaller groups that can discuss issues amongst themselves and then return to the larger group. Files can be shared while meetings are being conducted, and meetings can also be recorded for later use or review. These are just some of the many helpful tools on Zoom that can be used during team meetings.

  • Marketing Webinars

    Another great way for businesses to use Zoom is through hosting marketing webinars. Zoom can be a way for small businesses to gather a large number of people in one place, without them actually being in one place, to discuss their product or service. Using Zoom’s dynamic features in these types of marketing webinars can also be of great benefit to a small business. For example, if you have designed a new app, you can use Zoom’s screen-sharing feature to demonstrate to your audience how to use the app. You can also answer any questions the audience may have about your app in real time. The attendees of your webinar can get into breakout groups, experiment with the app, discuss it with each other, and then return to the larger group.

    By using the file share feature, small business owners can share price lists, spec sheets, and other documents with the group while being present to answer any immediate questions the audience may have. The webinar could also be recorded and repurposed for another use, such as a YouTube video to help promote the business.

  • Employee Training

    Small business owners can also use Zoom for employee training, even in more traditional business settings. Zoom training meetings and webinars can include slideshows, videos, files, and tutorials. If you run a web-based business, you can use the screen-sharing feature to train new employees on how to use various software or navigate a website. You can still use Zoom for training purposes if you run a more traditional brick-and-mortar business such as a restaurant or retail store. You can create dynamic webinars that walk your employees through the best practices and procedures they should utilize while under your employment.

    In both cases, the web-based business and the brick-and-mortar shop, the benefit of using Zoom for training purposes is that the training webinars can be recorded and viewed again by employees. If new hires forget how to perform a particular task, they can refer back to the recorded training webinar. This can help instill a sense of reassurance and confidence within employees and help them fully grasp new information and techniques without having to spend additional training time on them.

  • Troubleshooting

    Using Zoom to troubleshoot certain issues can be another beneficial use for small business owners. Zoom can be used to work with others to help solve problems you or your employees may be having with your business. For example, if you hired a web designer to construct your website but you have access to the backend in order to make updates quickly but are having issues with a specific task, you could have a Zoom meeting with your web designer in order for them to show you how to perform the task easily. Again, the screen-sharing feature can be of great use for situations like this, and the meeting could also be recorded so that you could refer back to it if need be.

    If an employee is having issues with something either online or at an on-site workplace, they could get on Zoom with you to help resolve the issue. By being able to look at what the other person is looking at either through a screen-share or by viewing a physical workspace through the camera, you may be able to better understand the issue they are having and help them resolve it.

  • Interviews

    Conducting interviews on Zoom is another great and creative way small business owners can take advantage of the platform. Business owners can use Zoom to conduct employment interviews at a distance with both full-time employees or freelancers and independent contractors. Instead of interviewees traveling to be interviewed by you, you could conduct the interview on Zoom. Interviewees can show you examples of their work or various tools and software they possess via the screen-share and file share features. They can also share their resume or other necessary documents with you via Zoom. Using Zoom to interview potential employees and independent contractors that you may hire can be a rich and dynamic way to get a better feel for them and their work.

    Small business owners could also use Zoom to be interviewed themselves, whether it be by a potential client or by a media outlet of some sort. For example, if a local newspaper journalist or online blogger wants to write an article about you and your business, they could interview you via Zoom. Another example could be, suppose you are in contact with a popular YouTuber that makes videos regarding your particular industry or niche. In that case, they could interview you on Zoom about your business, record the interview, and upload it to their channel as one of their videos. By using Zoom in this fashion, you can help promote your business by being interviewed by people who may be remotely located from you. This can open up new avenues to communicate with others about your business, gain new clients, and help get the word out about your product or service.

Small business owners can utilize Zoom in a number of creative and innovative ways that can help promote their business and increase its productivity and profitability.

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