Business License Services from InCorp Services

Business Licensing Services

We offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services to solve your all your business licensing requirements!

Licensing is an important component to businesses in every industry throughout the United States. The federal government, states, counties, and municipalities may all require specific licenses or permits to legally conduct business.The process of researching and obtaining the appropriate licenses as well as maintaining the ongoing renewals can be time-consuming andchallenging for even the most experienced professionals -- especially when the business operates in multiple jurisdictions.

To simplify this complex process InCorp now offers streamlined licensing solutions, as the licensing and permit department for businesses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We assist everytype of business entity in researching, obtaining, and maintaining their licenses or permits.

There are several reasons why your business license application might get rejected,including imcomplete applications, wrong signature, incorrect state forms, and missing items.

License Compliance

We provide license outsourcing solutions through a secure web-based information center. Fully outsource your business licenses or independently manage your licenses throughthe easy to use compliance software tool. Manage your entire licensing portfolio starting at $99 per year. An efficient and effective way to manage your license portfolio, its key features include:

  • View all of your existing licenses in selected jurisdictions including associated fees, renewal dates as well as monitor the status of each application
  • Manage renewals with automatic renewal messages
  • Import and organize documents associated with your licenses

License Research

Government agencies frequently change requirements and update their forms making it challenging to identify which licenses are required in various jurisdictions. We can determine your licensing needs associated with every government agency as well as provide the proper license/permit application forms, filing instructions, list of required supporting documents and fees. Let the experts determine your licensing needs at $139 per jurisdiction.

License Filing

We can handle the filing process for you by obtaining and completing the application forms and ensuring all required supporting documentation is included. On your behalf, they submit the associated filing fees and verify the license is issued. Should a problem arise, they work with you and the authority to resolve the issue. We help you secure and mantain all required business licenses, permits and tax registrations, starting at $199 per license, per jurisdiction.

License Verification

We will search for your required licenses in all relevant jurisdictions, obtain confirmation of license status and renewal dates as well as produce a comprehensive report containing state-by-state or county-by-county license information. Verify that your existing business licenses are valid, $35 per license, per jurisdiction.