Legal Documents Service of Process (SOP)

Legal Documents and Service of Process (SOP)

  • How does InCorp handle legal documents served for my company?

    When InCorp is served with the legal documents (SOP) for our client, we confirm that we are the registered agent, accept the service, scan the document, upload it to our database and issue an electronic notification to client of the service. You can then use the electronic notification to retrieve the document from your online account.

  • Does InCorp confirm that the document was delivered to me?

    We have a series of confirmations that the document was delivered – when the email is delivered, when you click the link in the email notification and when the document is viewed in your online account.

  • Are there any additional fees related to SOP?

    Service of process documents received and processed in excess of 5 pages are subject to an additional $15 fee that is not included in the yearly Registered Agent service rate. The $15 is for the processing of the lengthy documents.

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