InCorp Entity Management System Apps

Entity Management System for iOS Devices

InCorp is proud to announce its smartphone mobile apps for iOS. This app, available through the Apple App Store, allows InCorp clients to access their account using their smartphone. Manage your business entities, pay fees and keep up to date with the Mobile Entity Management System by Incorp Services, Inc.

High Level Features

  • Instant access to all data related to your Entities
  • View, Set Reminders and Mark Events as Complete
  • Order and Payment history at your fingertips
  • Pay invoices with a click of a button
  • View/Share Service of Process Notices
  • Receipt confirmation of Service of Process
  • Access to all your other documents saved in EMS
  • Works for both iPhones and iPads.

Available from the Android App Store

How the iOS Entity Management System (EMS) Works For You


EMS App Dashboard
 One convenient screen for all info
 Allows navigation to main views
 Animated displays allow for changing
relevant data

Entity Details

EMS Entity Screen
 Even more info about each entity
 Ability to add EIN if one doesn't exist
 Jump to related events & invoices

Events List

EMA App Events Screen
 Due/Completed Date for events/tasks
 Subject, Entity, Jurisdiction at a glance
 Past due and due items at the top
 Filter by status, entity & jurisdiction

Event Details

EMS App Update Event Screen
 View details about a specific event
 Update reminders for the event
 Mark when event was completed
 Link to filing info for event if existing
 Set EMS reminders
 Export to Apple or Google calendars

Invoice List

EMS App Orders Screen
 View List of Orders and Payments
 View Due/Paid Date and Amount
 Start payment process from list
 Filter by status and entity

Invoice Details

EMA App Invoice Screen
 View details of Orders or Payments
 View/Share Invoice from the app
 Link from payment detail to order
 Pay invoice directly from app

Credit Cards

EMS App Credit Card Info
 View and edit credit card info
 Changed preferred status
 Add cards manually or
 Scan card info with camera

Documents List

EMS App Documents Screen
 View EMS file and folder from app
 Import images/scan docs, save PDF
 Filter by status, entity, jurisdiction

Document Details

EMS App Document Details
 View specific document details
 Edit or delete documents
 View/Share doc via e-mail,
Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.

Service of Process List

EMS App Service of Process Details
 View New and Old SoP in one place
 Newest SoP are always at top
 Filter by status, entity & jurisdiction

SoP Details

EMS App Process List
 View Served/Confirmation Dates
 Automatic confirmation after viewing
 View/Share Service of Process file

Entities List

EMS App Entities Screen
 Entity names and status at a glance
 Filter by Status, Jurisdiction or Group