5 Ways to Improve Job and Workplace Stress

Managing Workplace Stress

Too Stressed to Function? Do These Five Things Every Day

It's Wednesday afternoon, a major deadline is rapidly approaching, your phone is ringing off the hook, and the number of unread emails in your inbox has entered triple-digits. You're on the verge of your breaking point when suddenly a staff member comes to you with a problem that only you can solve, thus adding one more task to your never-ending to-do list. Your stress levels are at an all-time high. What do you do? Do you bend or do you break? Assuming you're not a quitter, you bend.

While some workplace stress is to be expected on occasion, an excessive amount can create chaos for not only you but for those around you. Everyone you encounter can surely pick up on stressful vibes and it can ultimately result in tension and discomfort with your customers, clients, and coworkers. As tension breeds a lack of productivity, here are five sure-fire ways to bend with the stress and power through your day like a champ:

  • Make a list

    If you're feeling overwhelmed with too many minuscule tasks or large projects, you could easily become immobilized. Making a list will help you visualize what you need to accomplish and prioritize your work. Breaking up a big project into smaller components will not only make your work feel less daunting and more organized, but it will allow you to function more efficiently overall.

  • Take a walk

    Get away from your desk and take a 10-minute walk around the block. Physically separating yourself from the workplace can help clear your head. Studies show that physical activity is a proven stress-reliever. A simple change of scenery is an excellent way to reset your mind and come back to work refreshed and ready to tackle any assignment at hand.

  • Eat!

    Do you often find that you are so busy that you "forget" to eat lunch? Although taking a 30-minute lunch break may at times seem impossible when compared to your workload, you must remember that your body and brain both need nutrients to properly function. Skipping a meal can actually exacerbate a stressful situation. If you simply can't justify leaving your desk, try snacking. A protein bar can perk you up and get your mind back into working mode in a matter of minutes.

  • Delegate, delegate, and delegate some more

    We get it, you are a perfectionist; but when you are stressfully racing the clock to meet an important deadline, you need to ask yourself, "Does everything on my plate really need to be done by me?" Evaluate your workload and collaborate with your coworkers. Outsourcing certain tasks is an effective and efficient way to free yourself from stress and allow you to focus on the areas in which you best excel.

  • Vent

    Let's face it, workplace stress is inevitable; if you feel that you need to scream, don't be afraid to let it out! We are not saying you should literally yell while at your desk (but we totally get it if you do); what we mean is you shouldn't keep feelings of anger and frustration bottled up. The fastest and healthiest way to reduce stress is to "vent" it out. Call or email a friend or family member, or perhaps you can sit down with a manager and talk through any obstacles that are standing in your way.

Managing stress in the workplace is an important consideration. Take care of yourself and encourage your coworkers to do the same for a happy, healthy, efficient, and productive working environment—and above all else, remember to BREATHE! No matter how big a problem may seem, tell yourself that you've got this—we believe in you!

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