Cancelling Services at InCorp


Cancelling Registered Agent Service

Since maintaining a registered agent is a requirement set forth by the Secretary of State, registered agent service can only be cancelled once InCorp has been removed from public record by either replacing your existing registered agent or dissolving your corporate entity. InCorp can help you properly dissolve your entity for only $99! (Learn more about our dissolution service.) If you choose to elect another registered agent, they should be happy to prepare the forms for you, just make sure they’re aware it has to be done before your service with InCorp renews.

When can I cancel Registered Agent Service?

You may cancel as soon as InCorp is removed from public record or a dissolution has been filed. In order to avoid a renewal invoice, please make sure the filing is completed before the invoice due date. If opt to have InCorp file your dissolution or resignation before your invoice is due, we’ll gladly waive the invoice even if the filing isn’t complete until shortly after. Unfortunately, we cannot prorate if you cancel halfway through the year term.

Can I call or e-mail you to cancel service?

Unfortunately, no. There are rules governing registered agents and if we’re listed on public record, we would need to retain a resignation, signed by a member or manager (LLC), or by an officer (corporation), of the corporate entity. However, a call to our office can certainly get the process started.

If my company is no longer conducting business and doesn’t renew with the state, do I still need to cancel service?

Yes. Dependent upon state/jurisdiction, your company most likely still exists even if it’s not in good standing. The states created their dissolution laws for a reason; they expect the process of winding up to be completed in full. Think of it as a marriage... to become legally married, you file with the state to acquire the marriage license. If things don’t work out and you move out of the house, that doesn’t make you divorced. To become legally divorced, you must file the required paperwork with the State and pay any applicable fees. We’re here to help you complete the winding up process, making it as fast, simple, and painless as possible.

Cancelling Managed Report Service

Managed report service can be cancelled for the upcoming year at any time, just email or call our office.

Cancelling Mail Forwarding Service

You can cancel mail forwarding at any time for the upcoming year by calling our office and removing our address from anywhere you had it listed. If InCorp’s address remains on public record and/or we continue receiving mail for you we’ll continue to renew the service.

How do I get the Cancellation Certification Document?

Note: This document is ONLY for use with agencies other than the Secretaries of State when an option to remove InCorp is not provided. Please contact our Accounting Team to make sure it will work for you and to get a copy.