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Check the Status of My Order

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How do I find out the status of my registered agent service order?

Within one business day of placing your order, you should receive an email from a member of our order processing team which details the next steps. If you are filing a new entity you may need our consent or the name of an InCorp representative. Please reply to your order confirmation or email with any questions. If you are changing Registered Agent to InCorp, we don’t automatically file this change for you, but we will be happy to prepare and/or file it for you, just ask!

How do I find out the status of my filing or other type of order?

We get the process rolling for all orders within about 2 business days (same day for expedite orders) and keep the communication going throughout the process. If you still have questions, haven’t heard from anyone, or are unsure of the process, please email your order processing representative or our email status team..

How do I know how long my filing will take?

Well, that’s a complicated question. We get all orders moving along within about 2 business days (same day for expedite orders), but the total filing time depends on the state and type of filing. Each state has a different processing time, options for expedite and times of high volume delays. If you’d like an educated estimate (we can’t control the state agencies) before ordering, please contact our team. Your order processing representative will also review processing times and expedite options upon confirmation of your order information via email.

How do I make InCorp my registered agent?

The first step is to order the service. Once you’ve placed your order for Registered Agent service online, you’ll receive a confirmation containing our address in that state. Sometimes that’s all the information you need in order to complete the filing listing InCorp as your Registered Agent. If you need our signature or other information, place the order and reply to the order confirmation email if you haven’t been contacted by an order processing representative yet.

How do I make changes or corrections to my order?

Please email any changes or corrections to us in writing. We request the changes in writing to make sure that everything is done the way you’d like it. For example, if you would like a different entity name, we want to make sure it’s spelled exactly the way you want it spelled. You can reply to the order confirmation email or send an email request.

How do I send you the information requested on my registered agent order confirmation (the state ID number and copy of the filed articles)?

Please either reply to your order confirmation email or send a separate email to Order Status if you don’t have quick access to the confirmation email.