Launching a Product? Do These Things or Don't Do It At All

Launching a New Product

Are you preparing to launch a new product or idea? Great! We've composed this article JUST For you! When you have a brilliant idea for something new, something that will revolutionize the market, it’s almost painful to bide your time and plan — your inner creative genius wants to get it out there before your competition steals the spotlight.

Not so fast...

The worst thing you can do is launch before you're fully prepared. So, before you get too ahead of yourself, remember... without proper planning, the execution of your product or idea is destined to fail. Patience is a virtue, and it will most certainly prove to be a beneficial attribute in the launching of your new product or idea. So, how exactly can you ensure you're ready to go?

Pre-launch: Prepare for takeoff

Pre-launch is the period between the genesis of your idea or product, and the storied launch you’ve been playing out in your head. It is a critical step that many businesses cut short, which results in a mistake they often come to regret greatly. To help you come out of your new launch successfully, we have compiled some suggestions to help you take advantage of all that this critical pre-launch period has to offer.

  1. Create Hype: This is the single most important thing that you have to do ahead of any launch. If nobody knows about you or your product, nobody is going to buy it. Successful products are not stumbled upon; they are announced to the world and paraded about. How to create hype is a topic that is arguably the most important factor in the pre-launch period.

  2. Emailing Lists: Most businesses with an online presence will agree that a solid emailing list is one of the biggest assets you can use for sales and view counts. These lists are loved for the versatility they provide in terms of messaging, branding, and promotion. Everyone on your emailing list is already interested in what you have to offer. Number three on our list will help get visitors to your site but stepping it up and providing an email list to sign up for will keep them coming back. Most find success when they offer special promotions, information, or in your case first dibs on your new product.

  3. Social Media: More than ever, social media is a force of nature that will make or break how your product and business are viewed by the masses. Wise marketing includes a quickly growing list of social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and countless others. You should aim to have business-centered accounts on all of them. Some choose to create accounts for specific products as well. You may find that some outlets don’t quite fit with your business or brand, and that is perfectly fine. Don’t try to force it, but at the same time, don’t simply assume that promoting your product on a particular social media outlet won’t work. Modern consumerism is an unpredictable mistress.

    Try to schedule posts, promos, and other types of outreach so that they appear similarly, and at similar times, across all your active outlets. Space your posts out consistently, but also be willing to react to relevant developments from the world around you in a timely manner. It is up to you how much you interact with followers, fans, and friends, but keep in mind that some of the best business related viral moments bloom from these interactions. Above all though, always take a step back and consider any moves you make on social media.

  4. Brand Your Launch: This is especially important if the product you're launching is a cornerstone of your business model. Creating a brand is key because it lets you control what comes to mind when consumers interact with you and your product. Branding often includes messaging, visuals, what you allow your business and product to interact with, and many other factors. Branding should be something that you keep in mind when considering each and every tip on this list.

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