Reward by Recognition: Creative Ways to Thank Your Staff

5 Creative Ways to Thank Your Staff

Managing a team of professionals is simultaneously rewarding and difficult, and only through a joint effort can goals become achieved. As employees are both the face and the biggest asset of a company, thanking them for their diligent efforts will prove meaningful, while contributing to overall productivity and morale. 

Receiving recognition for a job well done is priceless. Whether an employee has made a small accomplishment or has hit a record-breaking sales goal, you should be sure to express your contentment and gratitude. Here are five creative ways for showing support for your subordinates.

  • Celebrate the holidays

    Without forcing tradition or unwanted celebrations on your staff, create a calendar specifically for making a note of special days. Whether this is a birthday, an anniversary, or a universally accepted holiday, be sure to sprinkle some emphasis on its importance. This will give your employees an occasion to look forward to while demonstrating your generosity to your staff.

  • Give thanks

    Although this should come as a no-brainer, saying "thank you" to your employees can go pretty far. Thanking someone directly to their face can boost working relationships and increase an overall sense of accomplishment.

  • Brag about them, publically

    Posting about your team's accomplishments on your company's social media accounts will both improve customer interaction as well as ignite personal recognition among your staff.

  • Revamp their workspace

    Giving your employees a satisfying, new look to their workspaces could significantly improve the overall mood and feng shui. Perhaps you can order new, comfortable (and stylish) chairs for your employees' desks. As good posture breeds productivity, this special gesture could spark an influx of positive vibes and good feelings throughout your office. You could also consider providing free "snacks" and beverages, allowing your staff to save some cash on food throughout their workday. Administering amenities that promote productive behavior are optimal, so we'd highly suggest against a new television, gaming system, or anything else that could become a distraction.

  • Extra vacation time

    Awarding vacation time for good sales periods, perfect attendance, and accomplishing team goals makes for a satisfying way to say "thank you" to your employees. They will appreciate the extra time to spend with their families, and the time away from their desks can improve their productivity when they return. Simple achievements may earn additional hours, while significant milestones award full days.

Bottom Line: Acknowledgment and praise play a significant role in any working relationship. Some of these ideas may seem relatively insignificant and inconsequential, but it's usually the small things that make the biggest difference. You can also try using a different tactic here and there with recognition to make it truly meaningful. Your employees will appreciate it and as a result, so will your organization's bottom line.

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