What Business Trends are Here to Stay in 2023 and Beyond?

What Business Technology Trends are Here to Stay in 2023 and Beyond?

The world of business and commerce is an ever-evolving and changing landscape. Throughout history, new innovations in technology and science have emerged, giving those entrepreneurs and companies that take advantage of it an edge over the competition. This environment of competitive innovation has helped fuel the transformation and advancement of our civilization and the world as a whole. Those who have been able to stay on the cutting edge of business trends have often been able to become industry leaders or simply stay afloat during challenging and transformative times. As the frequency of technological advancements and remote work increasingly becomes more common, what adaptations and shifts in the business world should business owners examine as we move into the future? What technology and software are emerging and will revolutionize business in 2022 and beyond?

In this article, we will discuss the following business trends that are transforming the business world in 2022 and are expected to continue to do so in the coming years:

More Content with Less Effort: Speech-to-Text Software and AI Content Generators

Speech-to-Text Software:

Writing is an essential component of operating a business. Whether you are writing emails or content for your blog or website, writing can be a time-consuming and intensive process. Speech-to-text, voice-to-text or dictation software can help ease this process and help you write more proficiently. Voice-to-text software has significantly advanced since it was first released, and in 2022 it is expected to continue to change how we operate our businesses. Speech-to-text software can help everyone write more effortlessly, including those with physical disabilities and language barriers, making it a valuable tool in business.

Some of the best speech-to-text software in 2022 include:

  • Google Docs Voice Typing
  • Apple Dictation
  • Dragon Home 15
  • Dragon Professional Individual
  • Braina Pro
  • Otter Business
  • Windows Speech Recognition
  • Speechnotes
  • Siri Dictation
  • Gboard (Google Mobile Voice Typing)

AI Content Generators:

Another way to help produce your writing is by using Artificial Intelligence Content Generators. This type of software functions by utilizing Machine Learning and knowledge databases to recognize patterns and formulate text based on the prompts that you create and feed into it. You can set the desired length that you would like the text to be and give the AI Content Generator a few input sentences, and it will create text based on predictions of sequences of words. While the writing may need some human editing and refinement, content generators can be used to easily and quickly produce a variety of content, such as blog articles, website descriptions, and social media posts.

The following programs are some of the most popular AI Content Generators in 2022:

  • Jasper.ai
  • Copy.ai
  • ContentBot.ai
  • Writesonic.com
  • Copysmith.ai
  • Rytr.me

Do-It-Yourself Digital Design: AI Graphic Design and Canva

AI Graphic Design:

AI Graphic design programs are another type of software that is making a splash in the business world in 2022 and are likely to continue to evolve and change business in the future. Graphic design plays a massive role in business and marketing. Everything from company logos, flyers, packaging, business cards, website design, social media content, and more utilize graphic design. Therefore, having good quality and consistent graphic design for all of these aspects of your business is essential.

Artificial Intelligence technology can produce graphic design work by using user-fed text prompts that make images in a matter of seconds. AI graphic design programs can also be used to assist graphic designers in certain aspects of their trade. Of course, it will be the designer's responsibility to ensure they comply with the program's usage rights. In an ever-increasing image-rich world, this technology can impact the realm of graphic design and business as a whole. This does not necessarily mean that AI will replace graphic designers. However, it could play a role in how human graphic designers operate as they can utilize these types of programs to their benefit to help them with time-consuming and tedious aspects of their work.

In 2022 some of the most useful and advanced AI Graphic Design software include the following:

  • DALL-E 2
  • Designs.ai
  • Remove.bg
  • Khroma.co
  • VanceAI
  • Deep Art Effects
  • Let's Enhance


Another option to create visual content is using Canva, a dynamic online graphic design and publishing platform. Canva users can create social media posts, presentations, logos, business cards, posters, and even videos. Canva also has pre-made templates that users can use to eliminate significant amounts of work and save time when creating graphic design work, as well as stock photos, videos, and audio that users can take advantage of. In addition, many other features, such as image background removal, cloud storage, and a social media post scheduler, allow you to pre-plan and schedule your social media posts on multiple platforms ahead of time.

Canva is a rich and diverse tool that is growing in popularity and can be used in many ways to promote your business through various means, such as social media, printed marketing materials, videos, etc. Utilizing the broad range of tools on Canva is a great way to quickly create visually consistent content that can be used in multiple areas of your business.

Remote Work is Here to Stay: Zoom and Registered Agent Services for Home-Based Businesses


With the rise of remote work during the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020, the video conferencing app Zoom has taken off and significantly changed the environment of work and business. Corporate meetings, marketing webinars, job interviews, employee training, and other aspects of operating a business have all been able to be facilitated in a much easier and more convenient manner through the use of Zoom. Companies are now able to hold meetings much more frequently than before by cutting out the unnecessary costs and time associated with traveling to attend meetings in person. This has enabled businesses to increase their productivity by enhancing their communications and addressing business matters in a much more timely and prompt fashion. In addition, this has allowed companies more access to the people they want to be in contact with.

Remote work and remote businesses are not temporary adaptions to the Covid-19 Pandemic but rather a growing trend that is likely to continue to increase in 2022 as well as in the future. Therefore, business owners should be ready to implement new strategies and technologies to adapt to these changes in our economic world. For example, employees may request or be expected to work from home more often in order to save on office space and real estate costs. So, employers should become more familiar with apps like Zoom and how to operate a business while using remote workers.

Registered Agent Services for Home-Based Businesses:

Business owners who have transitioned to running their businesses from their homes may need to take some steps to comply with state regulations, protect their home privacy, and ensure their right to due process regarding litigation. All businesses are required by law to have a designated registered agent to receive official mail from the state and in instances of service of process in the case of a lawsuit being filed against them. The business must have an official address to receive this mail, and this address will be listed publicly. In addition, the registered agent must be available at all times during standard business hours. Those who have recently moved their businesses to their homes and would like to be their own registered agents typically would use their home addresses to receive official mail. However, this could jeopardize the privacy of their home as their address would be listed publicly.

Business owners who have recently transitioned to running a home-based business should consider hiring a registered agent service. A registered agent service will provide the address where your business will be sent official mail, notifying you upon receipt. In addition, hiring a registered agent service would keep you compliant with state regulations and help protect the privacy of your home address, and will ensure that you receive important communications from the state and service of process notices in the event of a lawsuit being filed against you. InCorp provides registered agent services that can fulfill these needs for business owners in the process of transitioning to running their businesses from home.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is best known as the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. However, blockchain has much broader potential applications across many sectors of business and society as a whole. Blockchain is an encrypted and distributed database model that stores information across a network that is publicly accessible. An easy way to describe how blockchain works is by imagining a spreadsheet that is reproduced thousands of times over a vast network of computers. This network continually updates the spreadsheet.

Generally speaking, this analogy is how blockchain operates. The data is public, verifiable, and stored across the entire network. It is not stored in one central location like other types of databases and is often referred to as "decentralized." This means that no one person, group, or company has control over the database. Instead, it is controlled collectively by its users. Proponents of blockchain say this makes the database harder to hack into since the data exists in many different places simultaneously across the entire network and that its features give users more control over their data.

Similarly to AI, experts say that blockchain is expected to continue to grow in popularity in 2022 and beyond and can revolutionize the tech sector and impact businesses in a variety of ways. Some say that blockchain will usher in the next phase of the internet, Web 3.0, radically changing how we currently use and know the internet. To read more about what people are saying about Web 3.0, please view our article What is Web 3.0?. Blockchain proponents say it can increase security, user privacy, and user autonomy while potentially transforming sectors such as banking, healthcare, government, cybersecurity, social media, and more. Therefore, it would be wise for business owners to keep up to date with news and developments in blockchain technology and even experiment with various applications themselves.

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