Exceptional Customer Service - Promotional Ideas

Exceptional Customer Service - Promotional Ideas

The real world and the cyber world are exploding with commerce! And with so much consumer traffic to vie for, businesses combine traditional and tech-driven methods to compete for profits and all of these tactics reveal that the consumer holds a lot of power indeed! How's that? Simply put, our purchases drive the marketplace. So why not attract us with good quality and value, the uniqueness of your brand, and exciting incentives? Entice us to buy your product or service over your competitors. Reward and celebrate us for coming back, for trying new items, and for sending you referrals. Treat us right. Make us feel important and deliver on your promises, and you may gain a valuable customer; a loyal customer. When you think about it, the kinds of promotions out there in the larger marketplace can be enough to make your head spin; and retailers certainly hope to land your gaze.

As they focus in on us, it may be useful to have a broad understanding of how they are setting their sites. While this list is certainly not exhaustive, it will highlight some of the promotional options available. Informed consumers are better able to discern how well a company might be treating their needs and meeting their demands.

  • Traditional Marketing Is Still Effective:

    A lot of businesses still choose to utilize print and broadcasting channels. Though this approach is still more costly than other web-based types of marketing, it is still wide-reaching. In this sense, campaigns act like a shotgun blast that spans outward from its target. They hope to reach a large number of people and capture as many as possible. Think about print: do you still use coupons mailed from your neighborhood grocery or auto shop? Do you still remember your favorite TV Super Bowl ad? Ever catch yourself singing along to that cheesy radio jingle? That's right... print, TV, and radio promotions are still effective today, and businesses still look to these methods to anchor their marketing plans.

  • Outdoor Advertising Is Unavoidable:

    Though you may be easily able to toss junk mail from the post office or avoid TV advertising, you will inevitably encounter promotions outside, e.g., billboards and bench-ads, vehicles and buildings wrapped in decals, leaflets and handouts, live people spinning signage, inflatable characters and hot air balloons, and even sponsored outdoor events (like community fun runs) can incorporate promotional and brand info. To miss these kinds of ads, one has to, in essence, never leave the house. That's highly unlikely. In fact, a past Arbitron National In-Car study showed that 2 of 3 adult Americans make shopping decisions while on the road. Furthermore, adults 18+ spend almost 19 hours in a vehicle per week on average. That is a lot of outdoor exposure all in all!

  • Promotional Products Break the Ice:

    Receiving a gift often makes a consumer more receptive; promotional products can be thought of this way. They are a company's logo and/or theme wrapped around an item that your customers will hopefully use and remember. It is tactile, and in this sense serves as long-lasting advertising. The aim is to entice consumers to try a product for the first time. PPAI Research claims 38% of those surveyed say promotional products serve as a constant reminder of the advertiser. Things like giving away customized and unique pieces of clothing or accessories, mugs, key chains, and calendar magnets, are typical ideas in getting promotional info to resonate with buyers.

  • Tech-Driven Strategies Attract:

    These promotions are largely inbound, marketing-specific, customer-centric content and social promotions that draw individuals in. These consumers are actively searching to get information on and potentially buy particular goods/services. If you've ever searched online for a certain type of sports equipment or looked into where to buy gluten-free products, you've been a part of this process. Dedicated websites, search engine marketing , and even ad or banner placement on social media can engage a consumer in real-time and is often more cost-effective for the business.

Bottom Line: Successful marketing campaigns require that a business knows its customers, their preferences, and how each unique offer will captivate and benefit them. Whether we're looking for something that is a necessity, or if we are simply lavishing ourselves in luxury, we all want to feel like high-value customers whose business is sought after. Considering some of the above promotional methods can increase consumer awareness as you sift through the endless barrage of choices out there. So, sift away!

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