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What Is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent (or a resident agent or statutory agent depending on the business location) is an individual or a legal entity responsible, on behalf of a business, for the reception of important legal documents and notifications from a state office. They are also responsible for receiving SOP (service of process) notifications when a business becomes involved in legal action. In other words, a Pennsylvania registered agent is your company's primary point of contact with Pennsylvania state entities and the avenue through which you receive communications through these entities in regards to your business. It is also the main conduit in which your business will receive any important communications regarding notices of legal action taken against your company, i.e. another party filing a lawsuit against your company. When starting a new company, Pennsylvania business owners will be asked to identify who their registered agent is within their articles of incorporation/organization. The role of a registered agent can either be fulfilled by an individual or state-qualified corporate agent.

What Does a Pennsylvania Registered Agent Do??

Having a registered agent is a requirement every time you register a new Pennsylvania LLC or corporation. It is important to select a reliable company to act as your Pennsylvania registered agent. Failing to establish and maintain a registered agent can have negative effects on the legal status of your company within the state and result in extra, unnecessary expenses. The person or entity must be located and available at a physical street address within the state of Pennsylvania during normal business hours. A mailbox service or P.O. Box cannot represent you as your registered agent.

Why Choose InCorp for Your Pennsylvania Registered Agent Services?

Created in 1998, we now have over 250,000 worldwide clients and are BBB rated A+. We will beat any competitor's price on registered agent service and offer incredible discounts on multi-year and multistate national registered agent services.

How Registered Agent Service Can Help Your Business

  • Legal Notifications

    Using an official Pennsylvania address, a registered agent safely and securely receives important legal documents such as your annual filing notices on behalf of your business. Having a Pennsylvania registered agent receive legal notifications for your business, you avoid the risks of lost or misplaced mail associated with receiving such documents at a home or business address. Additionally, you can trust that a registered agent will handle your official mail correctly and responsibly, complying with the law and any necessary legal procedures that may be involved.

  • Flexibility

    With a registered agent, you will not need to have someone remain at a physical business location during business hours. Having a Pennsylvania registered agent keeps you compliant to receive legal notices by always being available during normal business hours. If you change your business address in the future, you will not need to update your business information with the state of Pennsylvania.

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"Love their service! I have been a client for 10 years. I love working with the team and they know what they are doing. Don't go anywhere else! InCorp is the best."

John A.

  • Privacy

    Using a registered agent will help you protect the privacy of your home address. If you choose to use your home address to receive legal notices, it will be listed inside public directories. By hiring a Pennsylvania registered agent, an official address in Pennsylvania will be provided to you to receive all of your official mail. The availability of this official address will keep your personal address private.

  • Help Prevent Corporate Identity Theft

    Through EntityWatch®, the innovative and proprietary technology developed first by InCorp, our information system ties into most of the state databases to give you up-to-date information on the status of your entities including the filing status, the current registered agent, officers, and directors. EntityWatch® also advises you of changes to help prevent corporate identity theft.

  • Organization

    View and upload all your state business filings, corporate documents, and statuses via the Internet on our comprehensive client website at no additional fee. Our Entity Management System (EMS) is where you can keep track of compliance events using our compliance calendar, view and/or store your corporate documents from anywhere in the world, track your forwarded mail, pay your invoices, and order additional services is included at no additional charge! (Now available as an app for iOS devices.)

  • Consolidate Expenses

    For multi-state companies, you will receive a consolidated bill for all your business entities in every state hosted.

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"We had a great experience with InCorp Services. They were both helpful and professional."

Kelly R.

  • Save Money

    For over 20 years we have provided top-tier service with one of the lowest prices in the industry and have only raised our prices one time (while many of our competitors raise their prices on their long-term clients yearly!) Our standard fee to serve as your Pennsylvania registered agent is only $129 per state! And you can save even more when you choose multi-year service.

  • Fast Support and Service

    Over-the-counter expedited business document filing service are available for most states. Receive notification of all service of process in real-time and receive said service of process within 24-hours of receipt via Express Mail, facsimile, or email.

What you need to know when appointing InCorp Services, Inc. as your Pennsylvania Registered Agent:

  • Pennsylvania does not require original signatures.
  • Almost all documents can be filed online. The site will ask you to create an account in order to file online.
  • Pennsylvania offers a few expedite filing options from same day to 1 hour.
  • The Pennsylvania Registered Agent change filing fee is $5 for domestic entities and $250 for foreign entities.
  • The state of Pennsylvania requires LLCs and corporations filed in Pennsylvania to have a Registered Agent. Pennsylvania Registered Agents are a person or company, designated on public record to accept legal documents (service of process) and notifications from the Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s office on behalf of the corporate entity. There are few restrictions regarding who can be listed as a Registered Agent, the most important being that the Registered Agent must be located and available at a physical street address, within the state of Pennsylvania, during normal business hours. Pennsylvania recognizes Commercial Registered Agents and provides a list of those Registered Agents that have met the necessary criteria.
  • Your Pennsylvania Registered Agent will be responsible, on your behalf, to receive all government notifications sent to Registered Agents and litigation (service of process) documents. Pennsylvania sends decennial report notices to the entity directly.


Pennsylvania Registered Agent FAQs

Ordering service is easy using our online form. Simply fill in the required fields, review the Terms of Service, and submit your order.

You'll receive our address immediately and more instructions for filing within 1 business day.

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Having a registered agent is required in almost every state. The purpose is for the state to show a physical address in that state at which the company can be served with legal documents. We also receive notifications from many states and help you keep your company in good standing. An added benefit is the security of knowing InCorp is here to fulfill this requirement and provide you with a little more privacy.

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When hiring InCorp as your commercial registered agent, we do not automatically file your documents to register your entity with the state. Formation and qualification filings are separate services, and we will be happy to prepare the entire filing for you once the additional service has been purchased. Our order processing team members will automatically provide consent forms for the states that require them, and we're here to help with Registered Agent Change forms at no additional charge if you'd like our assistance.

In most cases, yes, but we do require that you also be filed with the Secretary of State. Some agencies have requirements that we can't meet, like an address in a specific county or an individual serving instead of InCorp as a company. If you send over the document we'll review it to make sure we can meet the requirements.

The first thing is to order service. Once your order is placed and you have received the confirmation email, please contact our order processing team to proceed. Some states require our signature but it does not have to be a mailed original so you can just reply to your order confirmation with the document attached and we'll sign and return it to you. Other states require our original signature, in which case you can email us the document, we will sign it and mail it to you for submission to the state. Alternatively, you can mail us the complete package of documents and state payment and we will sign and forward the package to the state for you. A few states, like Wyoming, require a separate Registered Agent Consent form. We'll send that directly to you after your order is placed. Please call our order processing team or email us with any additional questions or concerns.

The general rule is that InCorp only serves as a Pennsylvania registered agent for entities registered with the Secretary of State. We can serve for other agencies as well but need to be listed with the Secretary of State, also. When looking for a registered agent for an individual, we recommend using an attorney or law office.

Pennsylvania State Fees

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