Increasing Brand Recognition with the Perfect Logo

Growing Your Brand in a Digital World: Perfect Logo

A first impression can make or break your brand. Whether you are starting a new business, or you are redesigning your brand, your logo is the first thing potential consumers see. It is up to you to make certain that what they see is what they get. Because first impressions are so critical, it is important that your logo is both appealing and memorable. After all, branding is a key ingredient in gaining new customers (and to some extent, maintaining your current customers). An attractive logo can help strengthen your image and company brand, as a strong logo emphasizes overall professionalism.

Below are a few tips and tricks to use when designing your perfect company logo:

  • Take Your Time Choosing the Color of Your Logo:

    Color plays a significant role in the way your brand is perceived, as different colors garner a variety of emotions from your consumers. Consider the following:
    Blue is known to symbolize dependability and responsibility.
    Red is often considered bold and provocative.
    Green usually represents growth.

    Do some research on the psychology of various colors and think about how this applies to your brand and the values that your company is striving to embody. Also, remember that it is possible to have too many colors. This will only make your logo harder to decipher (not to mention far more expensive to print in the future). Logos are everywhere, so look around and see what other companies are using, specifically, those of well-known companies. You will soon find that some of the largest companies in the world have logos that utilize only one or two colors, as well as a font that consumers immediately associate with their product or service. Brand recognition begins and ends with your logo.

    This can be somewhat tricky, as you do not want to select a standard font, such as Arial, Comic Sans, or Times New Roman. Your font should be original to make your company and brand appear unique. This will require some research on your part, and you will likely need to experiment with a variety of fonts in order to select the one that best represents your brand. It is also a great idea to hire a graphic designer to assist you in creating a truly original logo.

  • Keep it Simple:

    When it comes to designing your logo, simplicity is always better. Remember that your logo will need to look great on a variety of mediums, including business cards, brochures, emails, social media pages, your website, etc. Creating a relatively simple logo will be very helpful in ensuring that it continues to look great in a wide range of marketing materials.

  • Know Your Brand:

    Your logo is an introduction to your company and your overall brand, not to mention your products and services. Just as you need to market your products and services to a specific audience, you should consider this same audience when designing your logo (and any other marketing material). After all, you are trying to capture their attention with your logo. It can be useful to conduct a brainstorming session, in which you can write down notes on your brand, your clients, and what would appeal to your overall audience. Try not to overthink this process. You are simply striving to create a logo that reflects your company and appeals to your consumers.

  • Symbol Versus Logotype:

    Typically, a logo will consist of two main elements: a logotype (also known as a wordmark) and a symbol. You should not rely solely on a symbol to represent your company, as this would require a significant amount of advertising and marketing before your symbol becomes well-known on its own. Think about incorporating the name of your company into your logo, especially if it's unique. If your company's name is more generic, then you should definitely consider including a symbol in order to help your logo stand out.

It is important to spend time researching and designing the perfect logo. Make sure it is something that catches your eye and that of your target demographic. More importantly, your logo needs to stand the test of time if you have any hope that your business will.

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